DES "DISSTUD" allows you to carry out the
classical learning process,

   DES "DISSTUD" It is an electronic Internet platform that provides the processes of organizing and conducting distance learning in a remote format.

   The experience of learning management has shown the success of the e-lesson format, easy provision and organization of its conduct, accounting for data on the involvement of teachers and students, transparency of the organization of the learning process.

   The platform provides electronic educational processes, removes a large layer of managerial, audit and other organizational problems, bringing harmony and objectivity to the educational process.

   Easy to learn and use, high load resistance, allows you to enter the process in a short time, an indefinitely large number of users of different ages, categories and educational level.

   The use of an electronic platform allows you to flexibly build the learning process according to a calendar and thematic plan, for any educational organization. It allows you to build individual curricula for the group and each student.

   The platform effectively supports the activities of both the organizers of individual author's courses, as well as institutions of primary, secondary school, vocational and higher education.

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